My Twisted Life

Memoirs of Randolph Douglas Hopkins

by Suzie Q Valentine

Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/12/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 348
ISBN : 9781438977843
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 348
ISBN : 9781438977850

About the Book

My Twisted Life is about the life of Randolph Douglas Hopkins.  His voice takes the reader on a journey through Randy’s first childhood memory of being brutally beaten for a crime he didn’t commit.  Then living in unimaginable pain as punishment for that crime. 

With a strong will to live and simply being too stubborn to die, he endured brutal amputations and bullet wounds using his self taught skills to patch himself back together.  Randy never knew his father and can’t remember even knowing his name.  He grew up roaming the country with his psychotic mother and alcoholic stepdad, never knowing any stability in his life. 

With little formal education, due to the frequency and extent of his wounds and the gypsy lifestyle of his folks, he used his self driven motivation to educate himself in the skills that he most needed to survive.  Aside from the basics of reading and writing, he became skilled in street smarts and survival with things such as petty theft, pool hustling as well as “doctoring” and mind control.  He turned to drugs at a young age and used heavily throughout half of his childhood and all of his teen years. 

He was constantly faced with life threatening obstacles and always found himself longing for death, but yet struggling to live.  Randy was determined to not let the abuse against him result in his death, so he struggled to do what ever it took to stay alive.   Along the journey of his life, he made true friends and true love.  Step inside Randy’s memories as he tells his story.

About the Author

Suzie Q Valentine, is extremely creative and eccentric; she has the passion and determination to learn any form of art that interests her.  This is her first book, although she does have several poems in a few poetry anthologies.  She loves to create and makes her creations come to life in her sculptures.  Look for Z~Craft products to find some of the passion of art that’s created in her mind.  She has the ability to breathe life into her visions, in regards to art and the written word, and to captivate her readers. 

She was born and raised in a southern California town where she spent 17 years of her life in a very sheltered environment with what appeared to be a normal family.  She later married and became a stay at home mom, feeling locked in the marriage for 16 years.   She was mentally battered and controlled most of her adult life and has now stepped out on her own.  Suzie Q has the dreams of becoming a successful self sufficient artist and is currently building her future with that dream.

In the process of rebuilding herself and stepping out of the shell that was formed around her, Suzie Q is committing to the completion of a promise made to a dear friend:  To tell the story  of My Twisted Life. She has finally found the courage and strength to tell this story to the world.   May the spotlight shine bright for her and may the world welcome her creations.