The Eternal Flapper

The Many Lives of Edna Wallace Hopper

by Jim Alessio



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/25/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 376
ISBN : 9781438961286
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 376
ISBN : 9781438961293

About the Book

The Eternal Flapper : The Many Lives of Edna Wallace Hopper (1861-1959) is the amazing true story of the legendary actress, songstress, vaudeville star, silent movie star, and Wall Street trader who lived almost a century long. At the request of Edna Wallace Hopper to have her true story revealed in the 21st Century, author Jim Alessio's 20 year investigation reveals locked away secrets, some of which could have changed the course of history. Secrets include those of her stepfather's family, the notorious Dunsmuir family, the once richest family of North America, the dark and corrupt side of Wall Street, the Skull and Bones Society members, the Illuminati and additionally Edna's personal dark secrets. A letter from 1886 sealed with instructions to be opened in the year 2000 leads to a secret of the Royal House of Windsor. While in the midst of this investigation, the author accidently "opens Pandora's Box" and gets caught up in the web of the story as the British MI5 are informed of his findings. This book reads like great fiction yet is completly true.  As one the first American stars of entertainment on Broadway, Edna made her transition to Vaudeville by comming out naked and selling the fountain of Youth in her sixties of age, being one of the first silent movie stars and then a key trader in the powerful world of Wall Street until her nineties of age. Thirteen decades of time pass by quickly as the story unfolds with romance, mystery, suspence, humor, historical events, tragedy as it was revealed to the investigative reporter.

Not just the story of Edna, the book chronicals the lives of several famous people who surrounded her life.  An additional bonus chapter reveals the secrets to the Eternal Flapper's amazing youth, health and beauty.


About the Author

Connecticut native Jim Alessio carefully pieced together the thrilling, mysterious life of  Edna Wallace Hopper. Patience, dedication and inquisitive investigative nature lead to the whole truth. In this Jim has found a passion for unsolved mysteries leading to future investigative book projects. 20 years of research on Miss Hopper has made him the world's most knowledgeable expert author on the subject of her life.  This first book ever on the life and times of Edna Wallace Hopper  started due to a series of dreams in 1979 of an unidentified impish woman posing for an oil portrait in a clown suit followed by finding the painting in real life. Years later he met a man at the Lincoln Center who instructed the author to commence a book and musical film project just as requested by Edna Wallace Hopper in his meeting with her 26 years beforehand. The author's spirited and  amazing connection with the subject Edna is only part of what he has to offer his readers. His own  personal witnessing of a UFO siting in West Haven, CT has lead Jim in finding other witnesses ( including one from the Roswell, NM incident) with similar experiences for a collection of true stories for another book, "Beyond our Minds -  Beyond our Universe".  Jim also had "many lives" working as a computer programmer/ analyst , a photo/tv model, an antique quilt business owner, and real estate business office manager inticing to create another book called "Brush", a collection of facinating memoirs of  brief yet personal intimate moments with  famous legends such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Paul Newman and more. Alessio collected  rare music sheets from Edna's comedic operettas as well as numerous photographs of  her. He is writing a screenplay for a musical film based on The Eternal Flapper.