Stone Age Divas

Their Mystery and Their Magic

by Gloria Bertonis; Carol Miranda



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/7/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781449064181
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781463465162

About the Book

Women have made an enormous impact on life on the planet. They are deified and remembered in song, story, legend, and statues since at least 30,000 BC.

We are, and have always been, brilliant inventors, innovators, and leaders for hundred and thousands of years. We are the survivors of everything that came our way and passed on our culture.

Women are the creators of life! A woman can create life inside her own body, give birth to another human being, and make milk from her own breasts to feed her newborn life.

The Goddesses are real mothers, actual women who lived, and created beautiful handiwork and incredible usable things from next to nothing; such as: spinning and weaving, making pots from dirt, farming, medicine, and writing.

What a history! What a Gift to Civilization! Women were, and continue to be, the true Mothers of Invention! Stone Age Divas in the true sense of the word.

If every girl in the world reads about the Goddesses found in this book, she will have a firm foundation of self-esteem and inspiration to make wise choices in her life. Since time immemorial, women have bonded together in sisterhood to fight for noble causes in nonviolent ways. Women have always been, and continue to be, great benefactors of humanity.

'Stone Age Divas: Their Mystery and Their Magic', takes an astonishing look at human beginnings never before attempted. It challenges our basic assumptions about gender, religion, and our civilization.

Warning: This book may be dangerous to your beliefs!

About the Author

Gloria Bertonis earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education in Counseling and Psychology at Antioch University and an Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from Bucks County Community College. She has lectured at the Unitarian Congregations, presented seminars to the community and civic groups for a number of years.

Gloria has taught adult education classes on Psychology, Self-Esteem, Assertiveness, Stress-Management, and conducted women's study groups under the auspices of the Unitarian Organization. As the Director and Founder of the Whole Life Learning Center in Bucks County, PA, she provided courses in World Religions, World Cultures, World Philosophies, and Psychology.

Together these sisters brought the knowledge of the ancestresses to their families and to all those who knew them. "We can now connect in a very real way with these Stone Age Divas, whose intelligence and resourcefulness guaranteed our very own existence."

In 2001, Gloria was the recipient of an award from the United States Federal Government for her continuing work `to right the historical injustices against women'. Eve Ensler of the famed play “The Vagina Monologues” has publicly acknowledged Gloria's research from the stage in San Francisco on March 8,2002. She has also had color features in the local newspapers in Bucks County.

This co-authored book is a culmination of their research, travels, studies, and insights; teaching others that females were long considered not only super-human, mysterious, magical beings; but also divinities, Goddesses.

We are all 'god/makers in the process': for example, the deifying of Marilyn Monroe as a goddess of beauty, Princess Diana as a great humanitarian, and Mother Teresa for her saintly piety and good works for humanity. So, too, the Mother Goddesses, whose identities were thought to be long lost in the mists of prehistory, have survived in myths, religions, and legends.

Gloria Bertonis and Carol Miranda have brought their presence back to us and made them real in 'Stone Age Divas: Their Mystery and Their Magic'.