by V. J. Waks



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/22/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 496
ISBN : 9781434333933

About the Book

<p><i><b>Award Winner!</b><br>

San Francisco Book Festival Awards, 2nd Place, Science Fiction</i></p>




On a distant planet of the Homeworld Alliance, Dr. Stephen Weller, acclaimed expert in behaviour, is about to penetrate one of the great mysteries of his field.


After months of determined planning and care, he will finally enter Altair Base, a high security experimental research facility, whose dark work has as its only focus the war efforts against the hostile planets of the Outworlds.


There he will meet the being known as Tau 4, the terrible, and now uncontrollable brainchild of Dyle Carzon – brilliant, enigmatic, and ruthless – the force behind a military project that has traveled a shadowed and increasingly bloody path from medical miracle to the edge of horrific destruction.


But Weller is not what he appears to be.


This is a story of deceit and betrayal, of obsession and determination. It chronicles the universal struggle between strength and right, the clash between creator and created. TAU 4 takes the reader to strange worlds of storm and ancient jungle, to the life and death battle of a warrior people and to the unavoidable conflict of a man who refuses to accept the limits of his own humanity, and a creature who is just beginning to learn her own.

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