Every Woman's Right

An emotional account of a lifesaving visit to Africa by a Welsh nurse.

by Angela Gorman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/24/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781425992002

About the Book

The moving and sometimes humourous account of how a Welsh neonatal nurse was so moved by a TV programme that she contacted the BBC, raised money and along with three other supporters, travelled to Chad in Central Africa, where a single doctor was struggling save women's lives. All that was needed to save these women's lives were basic cheap drugs which are found on all delivery units in the West. Dr Grace Kodindo, an obstetrician did not have these drugs available until the donations started arriving. She was trying to manage the unmanageable. The maternal mortality rate in Chad is 1:11. with at least one woman and her baby dying every day. The visit was filmed by the BBC PANORAMA team and included meetings with the Chadian Health Minister, three Representatives of the The United Nations Population Fund and has culminated in hundreds of lives being saved, succeeding where the mighty United Nations has failed to meet one of its' own Millenium Development goals. The visit contained life-changing experiences, a "hands on" emergency where the author tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate a newborn infant. The book is an incredibly emotional account of the most extra-ordinary nine days the author had ever known, during which she a nurse of 30yrs was reduced to tears. 

About the Author

Angela Gorman, now 58yrs old and a nurse for more than 30yrs has been a neonatal nurse for nearly 21yrs and works as a Senior Sister in the Welsh Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Cardiff, caring for the sickest infants in Wales. She counts writing as one of her hobbies and loves reflective writing when events occur in one of the most emotioally charged areas of nursing. Her clinical colleagues respond positively to her use of words which include a renowned sense of humour. She is also a very experienced Trade Union Representative and managed to talk her union into taking on this cause, unusual in that unions usually support causes which are linked to other unions; npt so in this case. She has used her significant contacts and renowned powers of persuasion to raise thousands of pounds and donations of equipment, which have funded drugs and equipment for the hospital in Chad. 

Angela has been married to Mike for 37yrs, has three children and three grandchildren. Her other hobbies include travelling and reading. She now describes herself as a Chad Bore!