Tales From The Flipside

Exploding the myth of the superstar DJ lifestyle




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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/17/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 304
ISBN : 9781425987121

About the Book

Exploding the myth of the DJ lifestyle.

They say DJs are the new pop stars. It may be true of the elite, the chosen few at the top of the tree. It's private jets, hotel suites, champagne, fame and fortune all the way. But for every Paul Oakenfold or Fatboy Slim, there are thousands of regular, unfamiliar DJs grafting away, and the reality of their daily situations can be very different!

In this honest, witty, and no-holds-barred expose into the darker side of the nightlife world, Mark Devlin gives an insider's account of the problems, challenges, and just plain bizarre situations the average 'league two' DJ has to face. This is the untold and unseen side of DJ lifestyles, and the truth is often very different to the common perception!

APPRECIATION FOR 'TALES FROM THE FLIPSIDE' "I read it all and really enjoyed it. An extremely eloquent and well thought-out insight into the daily life of a DJ." Judge Jules, BBC Radio One DJ.

"Well written and anecdotally funny and droll. A sort of cross between 'Catcher In The Rye' and the DJ's Handbook." Bob Killbourn, Editor, Blues & Soul Magazine.

"This sh*t's hilarious. Big up Mark for telling it as it really is!" Tim Westwood, BBC Radio 1 DJ.

About the Author

Mark Devlin works as a club/ radio DJ and music journalist, specialising in R&B, hip hop and reggae.

As a DJ, he has played in over 25 countries. As a writer, he has edited various trade magazines, contributed to Mixmag, Muzik and Touch, and currently edits the Clubhoppin’ section of Blues & Soul magazine.

From his early days in background production for Fox FM in Oxford, (where he won a Sony Radio Award, the industry’s equivalent of the Oscars, for his work on a station promo,) Mark’s big radio break was on Galaxy 101 in Bristol, where he presented the flagship Friday night urban show for two and a half years.

From there, he moved on to Oxygen 107.9 in Oxford, where he presented two weekly shows with MC and co-host Kid Fury.

Club-wise, Mark’s early residency at The Park End Club in Oxford paved the way for DJ work throughout the rest of the UK, including The Southport Weekender and the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival.

More recently, he has branched out internationally, spinning everywhere from Maputo to Melbourne, and quite a lot of spots in between. The resulting Diary blog on his website has come to rival any international travel magazine.

In addition to the DJing, Mark has drawn on his background as a magazine editor, and since 1998, has edited the Clubhoppin’ section of Blues & Soul, the UK’s market-leading urban music magazine, as well as contributing to other titles.

2009 sees MD continuing on the radio waves with ‘Just Buggin’, running on on Oxford’s FM107.9. It also sees him adding author to his growing list of job titles.