Overcoming George

by Karl Schulz



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/8/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 312
ISBN : 9781434303912
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 312
ISBN : 9781434303929

About the Book


Growing up in Southern California during the Depression within a dysfunctional family controlled by a domineering stepfather was difficult. Here are a few topics:

1. George often bragged: “I got my first piece of ass when I was ten.”

2. Mom thought that it was good for me to see my dead friend lying in a casket. Wrong!

3. I would search the house for mom’s bottles of wine. When I found one, I poured her precious fluid down the drain. 

4. As Jennie drove the station wagon, George ran his right hand all the way up her dress. This was very humiliating to me.

5. Three of my childhood friends lost their lives. My dad and one uncle committed suicide. 

6. George put the 1938 Oldsmobile in low gear and rammed the big, chrome plated bumper into the right side of the parked car to cave it in. 

7. Mom said that she saw George having sex with one of the burros.

8. I just hoped that my arms held out so that I would not drop the whirling "buzz" saw and cause it to shatter.

9. When my car hit the moving train, I was ejected and as I rolled through the weeds I said to myself “you’re dead, Buz.”

10. I lined the wall of the thirty-two foot deep cesspool with loose bricks while never using any safety equipment.

11. As I turned the steering wheel of the Model A to the left, the car landed on its right side. One guy’s head went partially through the cloth roof.

12. We were thirty miles away from the first hydrogen bomb blast. The heat and shock waves were intense.

13.  George shot himself in the heart. No one attended his funeral.










About the Author

Karl “Buz”. Schulz grew up in the rural Southern California town of El Monte in a dysfunctional family controlled by, George, the domineering step father. His real father committed suicide when he was nine. His alcoholic mother offered little support or help when needed. He had no close family members to seek out for advice, guidance or help while growing up.

His step-dad, George, was a womanizer, hard worker, unhappy, a successful contractor but not a successful human. He loved animals (too much) and often showed his closeness to them rather than to humans. George required the author, as a boy, to work very hard too much of the time in building structures from houses, brick walls and doing yard work. During this time Mr. Schulz was constantly was reminded of his minimal worth and value as a human and worker. This acquired low self-esteem was very difficult to overcome.

Three of his childhood friends died from accidents.  One grandmother was married four times. His main outlets to sanity were through his many somewhat unconventional and unique adventures with his friends, animals and vehicles as well as fishing, swimming and making things. 

Some of his many adventures were fixing up and driving an old Model “T” Ford, helping George to operate a dangerous “buzz” saw, running his car into a moving train, witnessing the first hydrogen bomb explosion, and running aground while on a destroyer.

He eventually spent four years in the navy, graduated with his master’s degree in industrial education as was a shop teacher for twenty three years. He is married, has a successful family and has traveled to over forty countries and presently lives in Homosassa, Florida.