The Compleat Dartshooter

by Peter Pappalardo



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/1/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 212
ISBN : 9781425953126

About the Book

     The Compleat Dartshooter is a dark and whimsical look at the world that lies nestled in the bosom of every small town in America.  From the moment that the orphaned exile Aznap “Nappy” Ochnas meets a charismatic mafia bagman named Fletcher Widdy, the pair roam about searching for the meaning of life, or at least a good game of darts.

     From the bars and taverns of the coal country in Northeastern Pennsylvania to the New York Open, the pair challenge each other and all comers for money and fame on the dart circuit.  The competition is not limited to the dartboard: Nappy is heir to his late father’s deeply held belief in truth and beauty, while Fletch’s worldview is far more cynical.  The picture gets even more complex when Nappy falls for Patti Pulkowski, Fletch’s ex-lover and a top-ranked dart shooter in her own right.

            What Nappy sees as a lark that will distract him from his losses and a dead-end future quickly turns sinister when Nappy’s niavete leads him to break his word to Fletch and his cronies.  Add a briefcase full of mob money, some dysfunctional Mafioso, Socrates, the law, sinus conditions, murder, Descartes, pride , tobacco and the North Carolina Coast, and you have a fun and compelling examination of the landscape and personalities that make up small-town America. 
    The Compleat Dartshooter
is a tale of love, violence, faith and adventure and of two men's existential stuggle to make sense of a seemingly senseless world.

About the Author

    This is Peter Pappalardo’s second novel in as many years. His first, Bluegrass, detailed the life and times of a small-town, semi-professional bluegrass band in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Pappalardo has taught writing, English and the sciences for 25 years, and has written humor columns and stories about music and the arts in Northeastern Pennsylvania for the last fifteen.

   An inveterate musician with informal training, he plays stand-up bass, guitar, mandolin and nose flute with several different bluegrass, old-timey, gospel and Irish bands, many of which are called “The Lost Ramblers.” 

   Pappalardo was born and raised in the small village of Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pennsylvania, and his family became refugees as a result of the ill-fated Tocks Island Dam project when, in 1970,  the Army Corps of Engineers did to the locals what the locals had done to the Indians. 

    Pappalardo claims to be the founder of a rare group of native Americans known as the "Awopaho Tribe,” and his writings chronicle a disappearing local way of life which is rapidly being supplanted by suburbs and “citiots”, a fate he terms “death by burbicide.”  He is currently working on his doctorate, which he will receive when he is too old to do anything useful, a modus operandi which has thus far prevented him from making any massive faux paux or money.

    Pappalardo has been rejected by all the best and brightest agents and publishing houses in New York City and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows and recordings. He has played music, cards and board games with famous people including the entire Duke basketball team of 1977, the late Mr. Greenjeans of Captain Kangaroo fame, Bob Dorough, who penned the popular songs for ABC’s “School House Rock” and many other fine and famous musicians and raconteurs who make their home in and around the Poconos.

    He is an outdoorsman, erstwhile dartshooter, tile mason and woodworker, and the father of four fine sons, all of whom fortunately favor their sainted mother.