Photography in Oman: Photography and Islamic Culture

by Abdullah Khalfan Al-Sauty



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/5/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9781420890532

About the Book

‘Photography in Oman: Photography and Islamic Culture is the most comprehensive book written for professionals in photography and for all people who visit Islamic states. It is a versatile book which covers general photography, Islamic law (Shariah) and traditional culture regarding photography.


How to take pictures from the perspective of people from another culture (Islamic countries) is explained. Professional photographers and all people who read this book will find out what can be photographed, how it can be photographed, and what should and should not be taken by indicating the opinions of Islamic scholars about photography and traditional objections amongst people towards photography.


From a photographic aspect it presents types and techniques related to general knowledge in both conventional and digital photography. In addition, the book identifies some natural and historical places in Oman that are ideal for photography.


Three topics have been combined in one book, to give readers a good overview, which will help them when planning to take images and which will keep them away from problems that could occur if they are not familiar with positive and negative points in relation to taking images in Islamic societies.

About the Author

Abdullah Khalfan Al-Sauty is presently the head of the photography department at the Center for Educational Technology (CET) in Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. He previously worked as acting head of the photography department, as head of its media services department for a while, and as a training coordinator at the CET. He has also worked in the past as a senior general and medical photographer.


The author was born in Tanzania, East Africa, in 1964, and moved to Oman in 1973, where he continued his life and education. He carried on his studies in the United Kingdom after finishing high school in Oman. He has enjoyed photography since the early stages of his life. He is married and a father of five children.