Ordinary people doing extraordinary things in a world gripped by fear.

by Lisinka Ulatowska



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/31/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 356
ISBN : 9781420878585

About the Book

Fearless combines front-line scientific information about the nature of our universe with fascinating material addressing the deepest recesses of the human soul.  To be read and enjoyed by everyone keen on knowing what this world -- and we ourselves -- are really like.


Prof. Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Founder and President, Club of Budapest



This novel provides a harrowing account of how fear creeps into the lives of whole nations, taking over so gradually that it taints government policies and infects their citizens before they even realize it is there. Only the powerful drive to live and thrive can dispel it. But is the compelling all-win principle sufficient to stop the epidemic of fear that has most of the world in its grip?

The story opens in Maurice’s sumptuous mansion on the idyllic Costa Rican shore where we meet Bertram, author and business consultant, recovering from a burnout. In his wallet, he carries a newspaper clipping about the elusive Eliza. He longs to meet her. Little does he suspect how many lives will eventually depend on their ability to work closely together.

Here, we also meet Pim, a prominent systems scientist who, with his peers at the U.N.’s University of Peace, seeks ways to halt the epidemic of fear.

Already fear is causing wholesale slaughter in the nation of Kukundu, gaining momentum in more than 100 dictatorships, and has almost imperceptibly secured a stranglehold on the “free” world. In the background lurk the Masters of Fear themselves, the Holy Order of the Snake, close to gaining control of our world.

When Mary with her crew of young people arrive at Maurice’s mansion, it becomes clear that there is still a chance to stop the fear epidemic, if they each mobilize their extensive connections with young people and activists worldwide.

As we experience the heights to which the human spirit can soar, we recognize the amount of power that is available to “ordinary” people to heal the wounds that fear has caused. The narrative leads us to people at every level of society, ranging from Heads of State to kids living in the slums, from representatives of NGOs working at the U.N. to people camping in the jungles fighting in the underground resistance; and we become acquainted with the tools that we, too, can use to break through the confines of fear. For there are frightening parallels between the fear epidemic set in 2010 and conditions we are living in today.


This novel has valuable insights for businesspeople, educators, statesmen and women and all people confronted with the challenges of living in to-day’s world.

It provides an anatomy of fear and its resolution--both profoundly complex and yet compellingly simple once you know where to begin.

About the Author

Lisinka Ulatowska has a Ph.D. in Psychology. Since 1969, she has been associated with the U.N., first working for its Department of Public Information (formerly OPI), now as an NGO representative of the Association of World Citizens and the Institute for Planetary Synthesis. At the U.N., she co-founded and chaired an NGO Task Force on Financing. She has written among others: A World Citizens Manual (available in English, Dutch, German and Chinese); and the Year 2000 on the implementation of a self-financing World Marshall Plan. Fearless is her second novel, a sequel to Samenzwering Samenspel which has inspired an international All-Win Network, consisting of organizations and activists “with heart” who are helping humanity to transform into a durable global community in which all can flourish in their own ways.