The Madness of George W. Bush:

A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis

by Paul Levy



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/1/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 260
ISBN : 9781425907440

About the Book


by Paul Levy

In this ground-breaking work, Paul Levy explores whether the madness that George W. Bush has fallen into is showing us something particularly important about ourselves. What if Bush’s madness is a reflection of our own potential for madness? What if Bush has been collectively dreamed up to play out, in full-bodied form, a pathological role existing deep within the collective unconscious of all humanity? Though this book centers on George Bush, it is ultimately about ourselves.

In The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis, Levy analyzes the current state of our world as if it is a mass shared dream all 6.4 billion of us are collaboratively dreaming up into materialization. Drawing heavily on the insights of the great doctor of the soul, C. G. Jung, Levy identifies the root process being dreamed up on the world stage is a collective psychosis he calls “malignant egophrenia.” He illumines how this disease of the psyche expresses itself non-locally (not bound by space or time) throughout the underlying unified field that connects us all, propagating itself through the unconscious blind spots of the collective. He points out that if the malignant egophrenia epidemic manifesting in our world continues to go unrecognized, it will result in endless suffering and self-destruction. Levy proposes that this collective madness is simultaneously revealing to us our potential for an evolutionary quantum leap in human consciousness. He concludes that whether we destroy ourselves as a species or wake up depends on enough of us recognizing what the insanity of our current world crisis is revealing to us. The choice, and responsibility, is truly ours.

“The Jungian analysis by Paul Levy, of Bush and the culture which maintains him, reaches deep into the American psyche. It should be studied and digested by everyone. If the citizenry would recognize that Bush’s egomania is acting out a national illness, we would all be saner. If the US could integrate the “shadow” which Bush projects upon the “the axis of evil,” perhaps we could achieve world peace and start to solve global problems. A MUST READ.”
-Carol S. Wolman, MD, Board Certified in Psychiatry

About the Author

A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, in 1981 Paul Levy had a life-changing spiritual awakening in which he began to recognize the dream-like nature of reality. A healer, he is in private practice, assisting others who are also spiritually awakening. Paul has developed a unique and creative vehicle to introduce people to the dream-like nature of reality. He facilitates what he calls "Awakening in the Dream Groups," wherein people who are awakening to the dream-like nature of our universe collaboratively help each other to wake up in the dream together.

Deeply steeped in and inspired by the work of C. G. Jung, Paul is an innovator in the field of dreaming (both night dreams, as well as waking dreams). He has had numerous articles published on consciousness, dreaming and spirituality, and has lectured about his work at various universities. A Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over 20 years, he has intimately studied with some of the greatest spiritual masters of Tibet and Burma. A visionary artist, he is creating an Art-Happening called Global Awakening. Inspired by the Bush administration, Paul has become a spiritually informed political activist. Please visit his website at awaken , or e-mail him "Click here"