Bosley Beats the Burglars

by Wendy Brighton IllustratedbyJodieLeate



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/13/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781420864366

About the Book

This story is about Bosley the West Highland White Terrier who lives with Mr. and Mrs. McTavish in their sunny Bed and Breakfast in the Highlands.

He looks adorable but is really a monster in disguise. Everything is a new experience and must be tried, never mind what turmoil follows.

He plays with Mrs. McTavishes clean laundry in the garden, until it is dirty and torn, eats a Ferrari, steals special chocolates and sweets, and sharpens his baby teeth on Mr. McTavishes shiny new shoes reducing the leather to shreds.

He even turns himself purple. This happens when one of Mrs. McTavishes guests, a little boy, is painting in the garden, Bosley, who is bored, bathes in the dripping paint and Mrs. McTavish mistakes him for a dangerous animal who is there to eat her baby chicks. A fight follows between the mistress and the dog ending up in the garden pond.

The guests at the Bed and Breakfast either love Bosley, or disprove of him, but he has his own special way of making them love him in the end.

Mrs. McTavish adores Bosley even though he causes her no end of problems and embarassment, she also has to become a talented footballer in order to save Bosley from injuring himself with a heavy iron and destroying the kitchen.

Mr. McTavish is not quite so willing to forgive and forget. There is the threat of making him wear a muzzle and always the threat of sending Bosley back to the kennels in disgrace. It is fun to watch the deveolpment of the relationship between Mr. McTavish and Bosley.

Bosley does however have a good side, this involves the rescue of Wedgington Charles, a heart to heart talk with a lonely girl, and his best trick of all, he eats Bank Robbers!

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