Pandora's Box

by John Hall



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/27/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 436
ISBN : 9781418475642

About the Book

Pandora's Box is a fast-paced, action-packed, wonder-filled novel, urging the reader to travel deeper into its mystery until the very end. Remarkably told, written with such delicate grace and elegance, it will quickly find its way to your list of all-time favorites.

Noelle is an ambitious twenty-two year old girl dreaming of doing something extraordinary. Refusing to believe that the next thirty years will consist of working the same monotonous job, she knows there must be something more to life. Approached through cyberspace by a mysterious and beautiful woman, Xenia, guardian of the Empress Aldana in the world of Xexyll Esuna, Noelle is called upon a mission that would save their world from utter annihilation from an opposing force known as the Yenzeti. Accepting the quest, she must abandon everything she has ever known, leaving her world behind. Failure would simultaneously end all life in the Universe, as would her refusal of the mission. Her journey will mark a remarkable quest in her soul's evolution as she learns the inner secrets of the Universe after finding the Trans-Dimensional Time-Space Warp Portal. This quest will change the fate of every existing world, as she unlocks the ancient mystery of life itself.

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About the Author

John Hall is simply a man of vision.  Through his books, he takes us inside a beautiful world that blends sci-fi and fantasy like never before.  He reaches out to all audiences in his timeless epic, inviting all to share in his tremendous vision, with characters so real that you will dream about them.  This is a perfect book for someone that has never read fantasy before and is curious about the genre, or even skeptical.  Pandora’s Box¾the bold, ice-breaking novel of his double-trilogy series¾is only a taste of his creative genius, merely a glimpse of his remarkable fantasy, and the birth of a legend with a message as deep as the beginning of time. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!