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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/22/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781418413217
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781414074627

About the Book


Have you ever noticed a certain something inside as you’ve casually said, “This is my father,” “Wait til you meet my father,” “Not my Dad” “He/She reminds me of my father”?


If you were to freeze frame those common moments, maybe you would hear your inner dialogue and notice a flash of feelings that you thought you didn’t have or that you finally remembered.


These moments can be so subtle, quiet and brief, yet their effects can profoundly linger.  These moments can transport you back in time as if you stepped into your childhood while looking at a family photo.  Sometimes this shift can be an oasis for the heart and a clearing for the mind.  And of course, an ordinary dad flashback can rip through your soul like an attacker’s knife.


The point to be made here is not whether your father tales are pleasant or painful, but rather that they remained, influenced, and shaped you.  An even deeper point is that there is a father Principle in everyone that is certain as the energy of Dad’s DNA, and that it was meant to teach you, stir you and empower you regardless of the quality of the relationship you and your father you and your father had – if you know how to feel it, use it and know it’s real truth.


This book is about releasing the hidden jewels your father relationship meant for you to inherit, and to give you a new choice about whom you can be.  Having been enriched by an innovative understanding about Dad’s genes, habits, and your relationship with him, you can become father to your-self; able to re-create you into the highest version of your highest vision through everyday circumstances.


The interesting phenomenon about this seemingly impossible miracle is that your biological father and/father – figures do not have to be aware of their influence in order for you to tap into the buried treasures all dads inherently give us.  The reason for this is the care of this work.  It is called the Father Principle.  The Father Principle is an energetic blueprint, embedded in the inner consciousness in everyone.  It is a major archetype.  An archetype is like a code or a bionic “chip” that holds pure facts.  The Father Principle “chip” carries every detail pertinent to the father universal law of energy.  This law gives guidelines about the power to go out into the world successfully, to be somebody and do something that may leave a signature of goodness in your name.  All of us are already “coded” to potentially to know this.  The relationship with biological fathers and father-figures “triggers” this potential and for better or worse, Dad strikes the chip.  What happens after that is up to each individual choice.


Good or bad memories, forgotten or blocked, this book invites you to take a remarkable journey; to perhaps laugh or cry, but mostly to rebuild and get into the world more powerfully certain of your-SELF than every before.

About the Author

Ginger Grancagnolo Ed.D. is a dynamic lecturer, author and private counselor. Thirty years experience in the fields of education, psychology and theology has earned her many degrees and a sound practical approach in helping others towards self-assertion. Even her own personal victory over dyslexia has provided her with a wealth of grassroots knowledge in creating constructive strategies that unlocks the human and divine power that awaits within all of us!

Dr. Ginger has lectured throughout the country and has been a guest expert on many radio and TV shows, including Montel Williams and Ricki Lake. Dr. Ginger has created many healing CD workshops and is the author of Who Would I Be if I Weren’t So Afraid?, The Father Principle and The Mother Principle. The driving purpose and focus in all of Ginger’s work is to release the FEAR that blocks and halts our TRUE ability to SUCCEED! She uses easy and simple tools that have served thousands of her students and clients to break free from these painful traps and finally become who they were intended to be.

Her personal goal is to help anyone who is ready to feel his or her true self worth again. She believes that by healing the soul of its deep and old wounds, everyone can finally feel the real love God has given them. She strives to assist individuals in reclaiming their divine rightful inheritance—TO BE SAFE AND LOVED! “If we heal the soul” declares, Dr. Ginger, “then we can lift our selves up in great joy. This will automatically serve everyone around us.”

Dr. Ginger’s approach is intense yet fun and light-hearted. “We were meant to be happy, so let’s get to it!” proclaims Ginger. Dr. Ginger continues to assist others through private sessions, workshops and her books. She is highly motivated and desires to make an impact that encourages everyone to reclaim personal value.

Dr. Ginger is an adjunct professor at Bloomfield College in the Department of Education. She is also completing a doctorate in theology. The core of Ginger, her works, her heart and her ambition is best stated in her own words, “God gave us power. Big power! We need to use it! Then we will smile in our every day deeds because we will be living soul sized!”