by William Van Poyck



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/15/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 340
ISBN : 9781418464714
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 340
ISBN : 9781418465124

About the Book

Wily Miami burglar Danny Sullivan, born with the extreme gene but increasingly covered by the darkness of fate’s lengthening shadow, determines to conclude his parlous career by heisting a priceless coin collection, enabling him to retire and marry his sweetly ingenuous fiancée, while still resolutely hugging his secret. The target, an enigmatic German millionaire, as reclusive as a badger, sits ensconced in his palatial Palm Beach estate, his big double-door Heidelberg safe bulging with promises...cash, gold, diamonds, emeralds, pearls, and mysterious amber artifacts...and a crushingly heavy burden of cloaked, malevolent secrets. . . . But Danny’s actions unleash a tsunami of unforeseen consequences encompassing the spectrum of the human condition...love, death, betrayal, greed, altruism, revenge...while illuminating a constellation of singular characters...robbers, smugglers, killers, crooked cops and corrupt lawyers...and painting a poignant portrait of a complex man doomed by his own flaws. . . . With his dreams inexplicably cratered and his life circling the drain Danny wrestles with his own warring impulses, clutching at his final chance for redemption. A mounting cascade of double-crosses, murders, ambushes and betrayals, simmering in an aspic of international intrigue, inexorably leads to the final denouement, one resonating with life’s timeless themes.

About the Author

From his death row cell Miami native William Van Poyck has penned a previous novel, The Third Pillar of Wisdom, and his autobiography, A Checkered Past. Van Poyck was sentenced to die for his felony murder conviction following his failed 1987 attempt to free his best friend from a prison transport van in downtown West Palm Beach. During this incident Van Poyck’s accomplice, Frank Valdes, shot and killed a prison guard. When a raft of guards murdered Valdes in his Florida State Prison death row cell in 1999, Van Poyck was transferred to Virginia’s death row, where he awaits his execution.