The Divorce-Custody Game

Winning Rules & Strategies of Play

by I. Michael



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/29/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781410731609

About the Book

Most couples spend months to years planning their wedding completely aware of the 57% + divorce rate, yet most neglect to prepare themselves in case their marriage doesn't work out. Gone are the days of someone's gender determining the division of assets, debts, and custody of the children. Today, these issues are determined by the depth of your pockets. Judges have the power to divide assets as they choose, even if their rulings violate their own states divorce laws. With 20/20 hind sight from my own case and researching other cases across America, it is clear that divorce in America's legal system is a money game with very specific rules and strategies of play. This book is not about males versus females, however, does embody the fact that Anglo-American law is a patriarchal society dominated by male influence. The majority of legislators, attorneys, and judges are men. Females in these positions are under the magnifying glass with regard to favoring women's rights over men's. At the very least, the family-law legal system reflects the male point of view. The more assets involved in a divorce, the more those making a living from the divorce process will benefit. Once attorneys become involved, they will pit the spouses against each other creating a war zone where their services are required on a daily basis. Attorneys often will bring other attorneys, certified public accountants, psychologists, evaluators, mediators, and other professionals into the case. You will be responsible for paying their fees, often in full, before they will agree to testify in court. These professionals are indeed the only true winners in "The Divorce - Custody Game". This book lays out the strategies for PREPARATION, ARMAMENT, and PROTECTION, for yourself, your children, and your fair share of assets. This is the only divorce book you will need to take you through the entire process!

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