Alien Physics

The Physical Operation Performed Upon the Cosmos

by Ronald F. Avery



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/17/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781403341716

About the Book

Are you finding that science is cold and hopeless? Are you bored with the old Christian answers that leave you in doubt? Are you tired of statements from scientists like, "God is a matter of faith and not something provable with science?" Are you tired of statements from all kinds of people like, "Faith is a personal thing and everyone should have their own?" Are you tired of statements from pastors like, "Christ gives us hope to carry on." Well here's some refreshing news for you. Something is wrong with the way scientists and Christians view the cosmos and Jesus Christ.

Our modern industrial society has accepted an idea that is more erroneous than Ptolemy’s geocentric theory (127 AD) that the Earth was the center of the universe and the Sun and stars moved around it. Astronomers and Christians alike now believe in error that heaven is in another dimension. Many scientists believe in error that energy is the life force of the cosmos. Christians believe in error that Jesus only operated on the human heart.

Scientists and Christians alike are looking for extraterrestrial intelligence and have passed over and dismissed the comprehensive cosmic operation that renders the human race superior to all life forms on earth and to the most distant galaxy. We are hyperspace aliens with the answers to all the problems in the cosmos and we know how to get along and survive forever in the stars of heaven. You will soon know this beyond doubt and become a different type of being capable of eternal space travel at the speed of desire. It is time that you unite with all space and time.

About the Author

Mr. Avery is a licensed architect and interior designer in the corporate State of Texas. He has operated the Silver Eagle Taphouse in McQueeney Texas for the last five years where he has the opportunity to discuss many ideas with ordinary people. He has tested the ideas in this book in reality to prove his thesis. You may visit his house of conviviality at You may also see related articles concerning Alien Physics and this book at

Mr. Avery wrote a letter in response to a September 1992 Life magazine article about the NASA SETI project, to be forwarded to NASA SETI, wherein he proclaimed to be an extraterrestrial hyperspace alien with the answers to their questions. He has never heard from any of them. He sent the SETI INSTITUTE emails asking if Jill Tarter, Project Scientist, ever got his letter. No one has ever replied to him about his claim. Alien Physics explains why he can make such a claim.

Mr. Avery has been a translated Christian for twenty-six years and is a laymen theologian. He worked with an ordained Methodist Minister for two years on Alien Physics. He is also a student of the principles and laws of civil liberty discovered and established by Christian philosophers and thinkers. His next book will analyze the impact of Christ Jesus on civil government and the stand of Christian Patriots in the Global Order at hand.