by David Jennings



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/14/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 452
ISBN : 9781587211843

About the Book

...the best and most realistic depiction of the modern world of pornography written in book form to date...' says Adult Video News publisher Paul Fishbein. The film Boogie Nights, the portrayal of the 1970's pornography business, hinted at an approaching revolution in the business. David Jennings, a UCLA Film and Television Department graduate, entered the industry as a 'shooter', to research and write a book about his experiences. He began at the time the x-rated video revolution erupted. That revolution transformed the audience from 'raincoats' in sleazy movie houses to mainstream Americans who accepted and enjoyed quality films in their living rooms and bedrooms. Jennings founded the first company to shoot adult films DIRECTLY onto videotape. This daring, tell-all insider story exposes all the secrets. Social, historical and political factors play a huge role in the machinations of the arcane trade. The threats to the industry from within and without include: the U.S. Government sponsored 'War on Porn and its excesses', underaged actresses and 'porno stage mothers', anti-smut crusaders and porn-addicted vice cops. Twelve years as a writer, researcher, director, producer, distributor, and manufacturer of adult videos qualify the author to completely answer the questions most often asked by friend and foe of erotic media alike: What are these porno stars really like? What kind of person can make such a public display of something that is so private? What is really happening behind the scenes? (The camera often lies.)

Skinflicks is a book about pornography, not a pornographic book. The author's writing and research skills are of such high quality that they give a significant range and scope to the material. To honestly depict what goes on, part of the content is necessarily graphic. ALL OF IT IS TRUE. Illustrated with over 3 dozen photographs.

About the Author

After graduating from UCLA Film School in 1970, David Jennings shot movies for the first theatrical exhibitor of hardcore pornography in America. Then he spent four years in Michigan, making industrial and commercial films for clients as diverse as Magnavox, the State of Michigan and the Christian Reformed Church. Many of the films he wrote and directed have won awards.

Jennings re-entered the porn business in 1977 to research and write about it. As head of film and video for an allegedly Mob-controlled company, he helped make its VCX subsidiary the early leader in adult video. Jennings left VCX in 1979 to pioneer the first X-rated features shot directly on videotape. His company, Superior Video, Inc., was a leading video manufacturer of the 1980's.

After selling Superior Video, Jennings spent three years transcribing 342 audio cassettes-his journal of twelve years in the business-before writing Skinflicks.