Penelope : Princess of Lakonia

Translator's Epilogue & Endnotes
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  • Published: September 2011
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The book is a Supplement to a book of the same title heading - a fictional colloquy about the comings-of-age of Penelope, her sister Ipthime and her first cousins born into their royal House of Oebalos. The biography of Penelope is addressed for the difficulties of its analysis of just where her birthplace was: Aetolia or Lakonia? The Supplement also places the prehistorical analysis upon the biography of her father Ikarios and what else can be known as verifiable about her sister Iphthime. The major episodes of the sisters' girlhood years, as told by Penelope in Colloquy, are also set against the culture of the Late Helladic Greeks as we can best know them in broad setting of Lakonia, the precursor region to Lacedaemonia . The content is both culturally anthropological and and ethnological about the forbears of the natives whom the Spartans would later dominate throughout the 1st millenium BC.

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