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Author Resources

Just finish your last sentence, type "The End," and move on to your next manuscript, right? If only it was that easy! Bringing a book to market involves research, editing, cover design, social media, and a lot of other "non-writing" skills.

Well, we're here to help! Our Author Resources page will give you helpful hints and tips for every step of the self-publishing process. Just dive in and browse around (and if you need additional information, our publishing consultants are only a phone call away).


Your manuscript is the foundation upon which all the other publishing steps are built. In this section, we provide general writing and research guidance, as well as some tips for specific genres.

Manuscript Prep

When you self-publish, a completed manuscript is just the beginning. This section will walk you through editing and book cover design.


How do you spread the word about your book and get it into the hands of your readers? Whether it’s maintaining your social media presence or arranging your first book signing, our marketing resources will point you in the right direction.

Visual Resources

Are you more of a visual learner? Get practical writing tips and learn the basics of self-publishing in our infographics and videos. After all, some things are just better explained with images.

To Authors From Authors

In this section, you can hear about the experiences, missteps, and winning strategies of authors who have already taken the self-publishing journey.

Writing Contests

Showcase your work and writing skills by joining these writing and literary awards competitions.