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The Importance of Good Editing

With their manuscripts completed, many authors are overwhelmed with the abundance of options available for perfecting, publishing, and marketing their work.  At that point, one thing a writer doesn’t want to overlook is good editing. After months of researching and crafting a piece, you don’t want your readers preoccupied with errors and inconsistencies.

Few readers purchase a book without first reading a few pages.  A good cover and a catchy title will grab their attention, but clear, error-free writing will close the sale.  Silly mistakes lead the reader to believe that you’re an amateur writer or that your story isn’t well developed.  And ultimately, your book will be placed back on the shelf.

“People often ask me, ‘Why should I buy editing for my book?’  The short answer is: nothing kills the credibility of your work faster than a book that’s filled with mistakes.  You might be a renowned expert on your subject or the greatest novelist in your home state, but if your book contains errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, and usage, readers will doubt your abilities,” Joel Pierson, AuthorHouse Editorial Services Manager, said.

Professional editing can dig deeper than simple proofreading.  Editing a piece sometimes includes ensuring that your book is clear and flows well. 

“One thing editorial services provide reliably is clarity,” Pierson said. “You don’t want readers guessing what you’re trying to say.”

There’s no doubt that you’ve invested a great deal of time, emotion, and money in your manuscript.  Good editing is an investment that can make a mediocre book a good book.  After all you’ve put into it, why release your work to the world with errors that could have easily been avoided with the help of a professional editor?  Plus, deciding to hire an editor could help you with pieces you write in the future.

“Look at editing as an investment in your writing career.  You are getting a lot of feedback in regards to writing style, character build-up, and the overall flow of your book.  This will be instrumental information for you and your growth as a writer,” Jessica Jacobs, AuthorHouse Services Team Manager, said.

Remember, an editor’s suggestions aren’t insults and shouldn’t make you doubt your writing.  Even the most seasoned writers submit to editing to ensure that their work is as clean as it can be when it reaches their audiences.

AuthorHouse has various professional editing services that can help you polish your book before sending it to market.  Whatever level of editing you need, AuthorHouse can make sure your book is ready to be presented to your readers.