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Authors use book video, video interviews to appeal to anaudience of millionsonline

Anyone with a camera, a computer and an Internet connection can be part of the growing world of online video; but it’s the person who uses the medium creatively and strategically who will win viewers.

And authors are quickly picking up on the various ways to use video to market their book.

“We talk about how indie book publishing is leveling the playing field for the ‘non-superstar’ author. So, too, is the increasing popularity of streaming video and portals like YouTube,” writes Keith Ogorek, senior vice president of marketing for Author Solutions, inthis blog post.

Author Maria Johs said that she decided to have a video trailer produced for her first bookDeadly Encounterbecause video is one of the best ways to promote a book online. Johs is also the author ofThe Gang of Three.

“People can see and hear what the book is all about,” Johs said. “This is important, particularly for a murder mystery. Someone told me, ‘I would never buy this book because I don’t care for murder mysteries, but seeing the book video got me interested.’”

Johs’ trailer was distributed to YouTube, Yahoo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, and TellyTopia, among others. She also linked the video on her blog. This wide distribution has led to her trailer being viewed hundreds of times.

“A book video is a very effective way to reach a lot of readers,” she said. “If readers see what a book is all about, they’re more likely to buy it.”

Each view is a way to improve her book’s promotional efforts through name recognition, said Johs. Building name recognition is especially important for her because she plans to publish three more titles as part of her murder-mystery series.

Another author who has been pleased with the versatile applications for his video is chef and nutritionist George Rapitis, who wroteThe Gourmet’s Guide to Elegant Foodserviceand three other AuthorHouse titles.

“I show it during all my presentations when I do seminars,” Rapitis said of his author video. “It’s a great tool. It helps the book speak to readers.”

Because the medium is so wide open, there are few limits to what style of video you can create for your book. And it’s another opportunity for authors to maintain control over their messaging.

“I was able to give my input on the final product and worked closely with the video team,” Rapitis said. “The process was a lot of fun. I had the basic idea and let the video people work around it.”