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Book Marketing Ideas:
How to Promote Your Book in 60 Seconds or Less

With the sheer amount of content available these days, it can be challenging to get your readers’ attention. It’s time you share your story and generate interest in your work—fast. Below are some marketing tools and strategies you can use to create short, engaging content to promote your book. Get to know each one and find out which platform will best fit your campaign.

  1. Broadcast on Facebook Live

    Facebook Live was created to let users share stories and moments to their network—anytime and anywhere—through live video. For many professionals, this streaming service is considered a valuable platform for self-promotion.

    Why not give it a try as well? You can use live videos to give your target readers a quick sneak peek of your published book, share a short video clip to share writing advice, and even offer behind-the-scenes footage of your life as an author.

    Note: This application, as useful as it may be, is still a constant work-in-progress. You may encounter a few bugs that need to be fixed and areas that need to be improved. This is why we suggest that you plan your broadcasts ahead and anticipate technical issues that you could run into.

  2. Write a Book Pitch

    If you’re thinking about exploring your book’s film and TV potential, getting shelf space in bookstores, or even just enticing interested readers to get a copy of your book at a festival, it helps to prepare pitches ahead of time.

    Create a 10-second pitch to introduce your work plus some 30- to 60-second pitches in case people want to hear more.

    Note: Pitches are more than just a great script. The entire talk might take just a few seconds, but you’ll have to put in work and effort to get your message across to readers. So if you have time to spare, roll up your sleeves and practice presenting your book and ideas in front of an audience.

  3. Promote Your Book on Radio and TV

    You should also consider traditional, time-tested platforms such as television and radio. These are still widely used by many marketers and brands—even authors like you.

    Both TV and radio offer reach and exposure on a large scale. Promoting your book on these channels through a short ad lets you reach out to potential readers in a creative, engaging way—and in just a matter of seconds.

    Note: If you think your readers have more than 60 seconds to spare, consider getting interviewed on radio too. It’s a great way to share your story and connect with your audience, and you’ll have a seasoned radio host to guide you throughout the interview.