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Every book requires a thoughtful marketing plan. Unsure how to start promoting your title? Find out what book-marketing tactics have worked for authors like you.

Film Adaptation

"One day, I was sitting in my office and I realized I have accomplished so much that I wanted the next level of success. I decided to pick up the phone and started calling producers, and the rest is history," says John Borgstedt, whose book I Love you Mom was recently brought to life as a movie.


Author John Lyman says the most successful thing that he has done to market and sell his book God's Lions is making the book available for downloadon Amazon's Kindle eReader. Learn how an affordable eBook option fits into your overall marketing plan.

iPad Apps

Keep up with cutting-edge trends. AuthorHouse Senior Marketing Consultant Dan Heise tells how an iPad application can be a powerful marketing tool for your book.

Online Video

Video is quickly becoming the hot way for authors to market their books. Online videos give authors a new way to connect with potential readers and share their story with an audience eager to view new and exciting content.

Book Signings

How can your book make an impact amid the volume of new books released each year? Book signigns not only allow you to get copies of your book into readers' hands, but also to connect face-to-face with your target audience.

Winning Awards

Winning a literary contest can be valuable for your book marketing campaign because it adds credibility and notability to your cause. Luckily, becoming an award-winning writer has never been easier for self-published authors.

How To Promote Your Book in 60 Seconds or Less

In today’s fast-paced world, you only have a limited time to capture your audience’s interest. How then can you get their attention and tell them about your work? The key is to send short, compelling messages using the right promotional tools—like our radio and television services—and make your readers’ time count.

The Perfect Pitch: 5 Ways to Pitch Your Self-Published Book

Whatever your literary goal, there’s a right way to pitch your book. Find out which one you should use in this article.

5 Ways to Attract the Interest of Librarians and Retailers

As a self-published author, getting the attention of libraries and bookstores can be challenging—but not impossible. Find out how you can reach out to these industry decision makers in this article.

Find Your Space: 7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Magazine For Your Campaign

Planning to get ad space for your book in a magazine? There are lot of factors to consider before you decide on a publication. Ask yourself these questions and find out how to find the right magazine for you and your book.

Your Blog Tour To-Do List: Setting up a Blog Marketing Campaign

How do you reach out to readers on the web? Tap into websites that already have an established and loyal following like blogs. Find out how you can set up a marketing campaign around these sites and what you need to prepare.

Joining Book Festivals: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Appearance

You may think that a booth and a couple of books are enough to make an impact at a literary event. But that’s not always the case. To make the most out of your experience, you need to think outside of the box. We list down 5 things you should do to maximize your stay at book fairs.

Building a Fan Base: How To Find Your Ideal Readers

With over 7 billion people in the planet, finding the right readers might seem like an impossible feat. But there are still ways to identify and pinpoint your target audience. Get started with these tips.

4 Ways You Can Benefit from a Book Review

Reviews are more than just stars and praises; they can also serve as a valuable addition to your marketing campaign. Read this article and find out how you can strategically integrate your book reviews with your promotional efforts.