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Promote Your Book with Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media Tools

The marketing world is quickly changing. It’s crucial to keep up with communication and networking breakthroughs so your book’s promotion doesn’t become tired and ineffective.

Many marketers are taking advantage of online networking tools, including Twitter and Facebook. At first, these sites may seem overwhelming. But the mass of people who flock to both to find out about important news, what’s hot and trendy, and to check what their friends are doing provide a wonderful venue for marketers (like you) to target their audience and build relationships.

At a glance, Twitter may not seem like the best site to use for connecting with your target audience. With a limit of 140 characters to each “tweet,” it is fair to wonder if you’ll be able to tell your potential readers all that you want to let them know in the allotted space. A closer look at Twitter will reveal multiple tools for reaching and communicating with your readers.

To gain followers, do a Twitter search on a subject relating to your book. For example, if you’ve written a cookbook, search for “cooking.” Elect to follow some of the people you come across in your search. Hopefully, they’ll follow you too, creating your Twitter audience.

Use your Twitter account to announce new blog posts (if you don’t have a blog, consider getting one), articles highlighting your work, and information about upcoming events. You may be wondering how you’ll post links with a 140-character limit. Use to shrink your long links so they don’t take up much of your character allotment.

You can tweet to certain followers by using the @ symbol in front of your friend’s username. Create a conversation with those interested in what you’re talking about. This gives you insight to your target audience without actually meeting each of them. It’s also acceptable to ask questions in your posts. Hopefully, your followers will tweet back to you, creating a worthwhile discussion. Feel free to join in on other users’ exchanges. Putting yourself out there will increase your chances of being followed.

Make your Twitter page interesting by posting information relevant to your subject area. All your tweets don’t have to be about your book. If your book is a novel, talk about other fiction authors you enjoy or give props to your colleagues. While your book’s promotion is the purpose of the page, you’ll bore your readers if you simply give information about your book. Highlighting your industry as a whole gives your tweeting longevity.

Remember, Twitter is a place to build relationships. Your main objective shouldn’t be to simply make a sale. Hard selling will likely turn your followers off; pertinent conversation will keep them interested.

Facebook is a very robust social networking site. It can be used to do anything from promoting your business to sharing pictures to taking silly quizzes. For your book promotion, Facebook presents numerous opportunities.

First and foremost, you’ll need a profile page. This page will give you the opportunity to tell people a little bit more about yourself. You can list activities you enjoy, your interests, favorite books, and most importantly, post links to your blog (again, it’s a good idea to write in one) and an online bookstore where friends can buy your book.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to write “notes.” The notes section of your Facebook is a great place to update friends on news in your subject matter area or about upcoming events for your book. Think of it as a mini-blog.

Facebook groups are an excellent way to find people with like interests. This might be a great place to join conversations. Be careful not to spam with calls to buy your book, but instead, drive people to your Facebook page by adding insightful comments to discussions. If you don’t find a group that suits you, create a group surrounding your the subject of your book. Remember, people are more likely to join a group about a topic than to join a group about your book.

Finally, Facebook offers you the opportunity to create events. This is an excellent way to quickly alert a large audience (your Facebook friends) about an upcoming book signing or release party. You can list all the important information about the event and monitor who is coming with Facebook’s RSVP tool.

Like Twitter, you can update your “status” with information about you and your book. You can also add links, videos, and photos to your status updates.

Above all, realize that social media sites are tools to further connect with your audience, not necessarily to simply sell your book. Although relationships with your potential buyers will likely lead to sales, with time. If you need help getting started with Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites, check out our Social Media Setup service. And, don't forget to follow AuthorHouse on Twitter and friend us on Facebook!