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Make Your Book the Gift of the Holiday Season

The holiday bookselling season is upon us. People are looking for gifts to buy and what better time to get them interested in your book than now? Here are a few ways you can promote your book amongst the community and increase book sales by connecting with the people around you.

1. Tell Your Friends

The fastest, easiest way to let people know about your book is simply to tell them. Create a database of your friends, family, colleagues and social acquaintances and tell them your book is available. E-mail them, post on FaceBook and Tweet them about your story. Talk to everyone you meet in person about your book. After all, the most enthusiastic promoter of your story is YOU. If your enthusiasm is infectious, your friends will start talking about your book, and word-of-mouth marketing is pure gold.

2. Think Outside the Bookstore

The Bookstore is not the only place you can sell your book. Do not rely on the e-bookstore to sell your book for you. Use your imagination and think about how you can reach your readers. Have a look at this Marketing Tip to find out how you can identify your ideal book buyer.

Ask yourself, "what is my book about?" "Who is likely to be interested in my story?" "Where do those people like to go and where do they spend their money?"

AuthorHouse author Gary Lane is a prime example. He always brings copies of his book Training the Gaited Horse to the various equine events and horse-riding trails his work regularly takes him to. Wherever your target audience goes, your book should be making an appearance.

3. Save on Books by Buying in Bulk

Talking about your book and telling everyone you meet about it is an extremely effective way to start your book sales rolling. Just remember you always need to have copies on hand to sell on the spot. Catch your book buyers when they are interested and ready to buy, or they may forget or become too busy to get around to it again.

Ordering your book in bulk also allows you the chance to pass on your savings to your customers. Everyone loves a bargain, so why not sweeten the deal for readers who buy from you directly. You can even autograph your book to further personalize your reader's experience.

Be prepared for the year’s biggest bookselling season and make sure you make your potential readers as excited about your book as you are.