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Advertising versus Public Relations

Although many believe these words mean the same thing, in truth they are as different as night and day. Understanding what makes them different is the key to successful book marketing.

Understand What Your Press Release Does for Your Book

A press release is the most important tool in public relations. It is written like a news story, but is meant as a suggestion to the journalist. Learn more about how to create and utilize a press release.

Be the Expert: Market Your Book with Expert Positioning

Readers have copious choices when looking for a book that meets their needs and interests. You have to show them why you’re the best person to write the book they’re looking to read. Position yourself as an expert, using your book to support your case.

Following Protocols for Contacting the Media

It’s important to follow an established set of guidelines when contacting the media. On a more granular level, there are even more rules to know when utilizing different methods of contact like phone, e-mail or fax.

Maximize Your Efforts by Following Up

Follow up is the key that turns the lock on all the previous public relations work you’ve done for your book. Make your campaign a success by following the best-practices indicated in our final installment of our series on effective public relations.

Using the Media to Get Publicity

Publicity can’t be bought, it can’t be controlled, and it is never guaranteed, but there’s simply no better way to gain credibility and momentum for a cause.

Five Steps to Effective PR

Marilyn Walton reveals the details of getting the word out about your book in the media in the Marketing Feature.