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Some Last-Minute Authorhouse Ideas to Make Good Use of the Book-Buying Season

So you’re running out of time to buy gifts for this holiday season. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. But what to buy? A quick Google search for popular holiday gifts will come up with lots of different suggestions listing the most popular gifts to give. One idea that features on pretty much every list is a book.

That’s handy, because as an AuthorHouse published author you have your own book to give to friends and loved ones. Not only is it a gift from the heart, but it makes pretty good marketing sense too. It’s also a great opportunity to practice your autograph as you give friends and family the most personal of gifts.

How to Sell My Book as Well as Giving it as a Gift
But let’s try and make some money out of this opportunity as well. Every author who wants to sell books should have extra stock on hand. This way you can optimize every bookselling chance you get, and December offers every AuthorHouse published author a great opportunity to sell additional books.

Why not strategically position your book in locations where people are most likely to buy their last minute gifts? It is more convenient for them to purchase two gifts at the same time, with one of them being your book.

Here are three ideas to sell extra books this December.

1. Say Cheers at Your Local Wine Merchant or Convenience Store
Along with a book, other popular, easy, affordable gifts include a bottle of wine, magazines and chocolates. The best place to go if you plan to buy one or all of these items would be to head on down to your local convenience store. So why not make your book available there?

Talk to the owner or manager of your local convenience store and ask if you can display your book. Come to some sort of consignment agreement wherein the store makes some money on every sale as well. Tell them that you will take your books back once the holiday season is over (unless of course it is selling like hot cakes and the store wants to keep your book on!).

2. Jump to it at Sports Shops and Art Supplies Stores
Some more popular gift ideas include golf balls, workout attire, kitbags and other sporting paraphernalia. If your book has a sporting, recreational or health and fitness related theme, such as a cook book, stress management guide, or similar, then you can try and make the same consignment deal as you have at the convenience store. It may even be a perfect place for January sales as the number one New Year’s resolution is always to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Also high on the list are art materials, photograph albums, picture frames and other art related items. If your book targets artists then this might be just the place for it.

How Do I Sell My Book Further Afield, Outside My Local Community?
There are many gift ideas out there. Seize the opportunity to get your book in front of your potential target readers by strategically placing your book where they are likely to go. You never know, you may even peak the interest of some gift buyers who would not normally be interested in your genre?

3. The AuthorHouse Star Bookselling Tip for the Holiday Season 
The most popular gift given in December 2010 was the Apple iPad. In 2009 it was the Nook eReader. The fastest way to make your book available is to publish an e-book version. Fortunately all AuthorHouse black and white book publishing packages sold after December 1, 2010 include an e-Pub file. This allows them to be distributed through our digital content partners. Please contact your Authorhouse Marketing Consultant about your best e-book marketing options.  

AuthorHouse Publishing provides an extensive portfolio of marketing services to define your target readership and make sure you reach them effectively.