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Large-scale Marketing with Large-scale Events

For many authors, there is nothing more gratifying than a direct sale. Many enjoy meeting their readers face-to-face, discussing their book, and maybe even signing a copy, allowing readers to have a one-of-a-kind treasure. Large events such as trade shows and workshops can make this possible. For both fiction and nonfiction authors alike, the mass gathering of people can provide an outstanding platform for promoting your book.

Trade shows

Trade shows are often attended by people with similar interests. These are instances where chefs gather with other chefs and game designers gather with other game designers, and so on. The purpose of most trade shows is to introduce major innovations in a certain trade. Individuals attend these conferences simply to learn more about their field.

Are you a nonfiction writer? Attend to promote your book and ideas. Keep in mind that books provide a level of expertise not found in many other media. The trade show attendees will be attracted to the level of credibility of the information in your book.

Are you a fiction writer? Find a trade show that will attract creative individuals. All writers should make it a point to attend writing trade shows whenever possible. Not only do they provide new information about writing and the book industry, but they also provide a networking platform.


All writers can become active in writing workshops around their area. Contact your local library to see if they provide any writing workshops. If you are confident as a writer, ask if they need help leading a workshop. This builds your credibility as a writer and gives you an easy plug for your book. If you are not comfortable leading a workshop, attend it.

Both trade shows and workshops can lead to a book-signing opportunity. Many workshops have time set aside at the end for question-and-answer and book signings. Authors sitting at trade show booths should be available to sign books throughout the event. AuthorHouse provides opportunities for book signings at many popular events.

Authors taking advantage

Recently, a group of AuthorHouse authors attended the AARP trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“All 75 of my books were gone in the first 20 minutes,” said Sandi Spaugh, author of LADIES LEAGUE FRONT NINE. “I would jump at the chance to do this again!”

The Author Solutions booth also included a gallery of books. Many authors were featured in the gallery, which was inspected by many interested AARP members at the recent conference.

The authors participating in the AARP Conference enjoyed meeting with readers.

“The highlight was clearly the book signing, which went well,” said Glenn W. Morgan, author of Tour de Fore! Gold and History in 50 States. “I took a few seconds talking to each person about where they were from, whether or not they played golf, and who they wanted to dedicate to. It was a lot of fun.”

Standing out from the crowd

The AuthorHouse team worked hard to bring in additional customers.

“The AuthorHouse professionals were exactly that! Professional!” Spaugh said.

The team works hard at trade shows like these for good reason. AuthorHouse vice president of marketing, Keith Ogorek, believes that participating in large events greatly impacts an author’s marketing campaign.

“Doing a book signing at an event like AARP convention gives an author the opportunity to do face-to-face promotion and establish a relationship with potential readers,” Ogerek said. “There is something special when a reader can recommend a book and say, ‘I met the author.’“

Trade shows are often the only chance an author has to communicate with a mass public. Many trade show attendees are interested in authors regardless of the rally of support AuthorHouse gives to the author. However, with the added support of the AuthorHouse team, any participating author is sure to feel like a celebrity.

According to Ogorek, marketing at a large event can lead to further marketing opportunities. “Signing at an event like AARP gives savvy authors a great story angle for other publicity.”

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