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Four Easy Steps to Seduce Your Readers this Valentine’s

As we ponder what Valentine’s gifts to give this year, let us consider the impact they will have on our loved ones. Let’s start with the obvious: chocolate, candy, and flowers. All very nice in the short term, but not really an accurate symbol of your eternal, undying love. What about jewelry, some diamonds perhaps? Well, they are forever, so if they’re in your budget, go for it!

But what about the rest of us whose budgets don’t stretch to a new diamond necklace or a weekend in Paris? Dinner out at your favorite restaurant is great, and so are the chocolates and flowers, but what is going to leave the most lasting impression? The written word: a note, a love letter, even a tweet or a text. Or you can buy a book with a story you think will deliver a special message to your loved one.

Here are four seductive steps to make sure your readers use your book as a Valentine’s gift this month.

1. Be Beguilingly Genuine

Create a message that solves your readers’ Valentine’s conundrum for them. They are looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. So how is your book’s message going to help them impress their sweetheart? It might have a sincere message, relate to a common interest, or even just provide some lighthearted entertainment to someone that needs a distraction. Whichever it may be, make sure your message is authentic and personal.

Use simple language that easily conveys how your story relates to Valentine’s and why it addresses a long-term need. Virtually every book involves a relationship of some kind that readers can identify with, whether it is a forbidden love affair between people from different backgrounds, a passion for black-and-white movies or a love-hate relationship between an employee and their boss.

Focus on your readers and how your story might help them this Valentine’s. What is the message your book conveys and how does it relate to Valentine’s, love, relationships, or passion?

2. Craft a Single Sentence That Encapsulates the Essence of Your Story

This month’s writing tips section, Three Ways to Turn Your Passion into Your Work, talks about not being a drone. This is also pertinent when it comes to selling and marketing your book. If you are creating a new promotion or advertisement for your website, posting on social media like Facebook or Twitter, or posting notices in shop windows, you need to capture a reader’s attention as quickly as possible. Your time and space is limited. If you are going to tweet about your book, you have to get your message across in just 140 characters or less.

Can you summarize your book in one sentence? That is often all the time you have to pitch your story.

Your words must captivate your reader by conjuring a vivid image of your story in their mind’s eye. Engage their senses and transport your readers into the world you have created within the pages of your book. If you can do that with brevity, you’ll no doubt encourage many interested readers to buy your book.

3. Get to the Point

Create excitement by describing your story in as few words as possible. Use an active voice to simultaneously shave words and deliver a concise, engaging message. What would your partner rather read?

“You are the object of my desires and affections and always shall be forevermore.”

“I will forever love you.”

Your message, tweet, or e-mail has to grab your reader’s attention immediately.

4. Compel Your Reader to Act

Now you have their attention and their interest, what do you want your readers to do? Can they order direct through your website, do they have to call you direct, or do you want them to order from the AuthorHouse online bookstore? Make sure your message clearly states what they need to do. You might even want to add a little extra incentive for them to act immediately rather than waiting and forgetting to order at all. Your call to action might read,

“Order now and receive an additional 10% discount. Offer valid until Valentine’s Day.”

“Call 555-i-love-you to order now. First 50 callers will receive a complimentary red rose with every copy.”