Power to Angels

Manifesto for Gender Equity

In New York, an Italian-American investment banker Romario, bumps into Benita, Chief of Operations of a reputable Consultancy firm. They join a trendy intellectual, Professor Jacques Neville, on a flight to Los Angeles. Their conversation builds up into a great idea. The movement for global gender equity sprouts up from the instant bond of friendship. POWER TO ANGELS specifies simple and clear strategies for harnessing and galvanizing the political and economic potential of women to achieve gender equity. An eight year peaceful gender world war (GWW 2014-2021) is declared on gender-equity passive nations, including USA and Saudi Arabia. The Manifesto for Gender Equity proclaims mandatory reforms and strategies for a successful establishment of the woman as an effective co-pilot in the flight for global peace and development. Benita’s managerial expertise and ingenuity provide the effective leadership initiative for fast-tracking gender equity. Dramatic results manifest in the economic and political environment to vindicate the visionaries. Benita’s rewards come in different dimensions including high profile leadership positions for women, juicy consultancy contracts and a romantic relationship that blossoms into marriage. As the international movement is patronized by billionaire philanthropists of both sexes, the unfinished business looks like a foregone conclusion.

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