Sensual Sexual Romance

Doing It with Your Mind

Welcome to a new realm, where erotic poems are blended with erotic short stories. In these words, your most sensual, sexual, and romantic imagination will be embraced, enflamed, and aroused. Seek out your lover (even if your lover is hidden away in that good box), and prepare to enter your own sensual, sexual world of romance. Close But Far, Far But Close I know of you and you’re * far I feel close to you * close I see you, we embrace * close Our spirits connect * close You fade away * far You stroke my mind with your words and I start to melt * close You take down my wall of protection * close I release myself to you and I’m afraid * far but close We share intimacy * close but far Come to me, close to me You come close but we’re afraid we’d go too far Close felt good, oh so good Slowly we come together, close together Far is only distance Come to me, close to me Let’s be afraid together And let fear fade away Come to me, close to me So close our hearts touch Feel the warmth, yeah right there Feel our fear fade away Reach for me, I’m right here Pull me close, close to you Keep me there, I want to be close to you not far but close

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