Christmas Crib Angel

Death and Loss, are two emotions that painfully remain in our minds and hearts, seemingly forever. The personal sharing of my mother’s death reaches through the gentle, loving concepts within Alice’s story with a hint of what is to come within the title. What greater source of peace can be offered, especially to children, but also to adults, to visualize little Alice as being sought and brought to heaven by the “bedraggled” little messenger in returning to the Heavenly Father and stands before Him with Alice. Earning her wings and halo leaves room for visualizing preparations for Alice’s appointed and loving task by the Heavenly Father to bring her mother’s love into the Christmas Crib scene. What greater gift can be offered to children to lead them through the inspiration of this beautiful story, to offer their own gift of love through the depth of their loss. Such a loving and generous gift will be memorialized forever from the beginning of this Christmas story and into the ending.

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