We will all be ambushed at some point in our lives. The ultimate query is how we will react to this event. This novel focuses on how Paul, a self-driven man, dealt with his life changing confrontations.

Paul was a criminal, terrorist, and murderer. After he was ambushed, he went from persecutor to being persecuted and from taking life to giving life. His ambushed transformed his life from successful to significant. When historians throughout history list the most influential men and women, Paul is frequently mentioned as the second most influential person to have lived.

Paul’s life was filled with endless highs and lows. This novel looks at how he dealt with success, hardships and unforeseen events. His response to these external events enabled him to become an outstanding student, stimulating teacher, and devoted encourager. His life has caused all of us to make a decision regarding our future and the way we treat others.

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