Cedar Fence Rows

A Collection of Short Stories

From my very first childhood memory, I have loved the Eastern red cedar tree. They grow in abundance all over my home state of Kentucky.

To this day I experience joy when finding an old cedar fencerow. These beautiful dark green trees, growing very close to each other in a straight row marking property boundaries. There are few of them now as they have fallen to the ravages of time and change. The cedars grow to be very old, the trunks telling the story of age. They are a favorite shelter place for birds and tree frogs. They 'shout out' in vivid green against the backdrop of tender spring, hot dry summer, glorious colors of autumn, and the grays and browns of winter.

Those who know and love me continued to plead for a short story book. Writing poetry is my forte, my confident area of expertise, but everyone kept saying that all my poems tell a story. They also often reminded me that I am a grand storyteller. It is my hope that all who read these stories told from my  head and heart, will find a comfort and  joy within the pages of this book. And, like the cedar trees, these stories, a portion of my legacy, will stand the test of time, bring pleasure and endure within the hearts of my readers for years to come.

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