Hollywood in the 1940s-50s, with deep focus on directors, writers and politics.  A 20th Century Fox director and his wife make independent films adapting American classics and become involved in the Blacklist nightmare, while she tries to overcome his infidelities with scripts and actresses. Their lives, interwoven with their films, dramatize the dominant moral and aesthetic conflicts in Hollywood Their first collaboration is a true untold story of heroism by black tank commanders in WWII, starring Woody Strode.Then they scandalize the nation with Women in Hemingway starring John Huston, Bogart and Bacall.Tracy and Hepburn influence them while making Blithedale, Orson Welles takes over their Pierre and Stalin courts Judy Garland in Flowering Judas.Second in trilogy including Holywood (2004) and Hollyworld (2006).

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