Charley's Boys

St. Bernard College in the Sixties

I was surprised when a friend told me he wasn't aware that St. Bernard

had ever had a college. After thinking about it for a moment, I

realized it had been almost thirty years since St. Bernard College

closed its doors. That was what motivated me to write a book about my

experience there. I attended St. Bernard College from August 1966

until May 1970. It was a time when St. Bernard College strived with

attendance peeking during those years. Also of significance, various

sports were putting St. Bernard on the map. The 1967-68 basketball

team was outstanding, winning their conference championship in one of

the highest scoring games in conference history. In writing the book,

I mention many other things that went on there, including campus

activities, other sports and the professors, priests and students of

the college. The book emphasizes two primary things: that outstanding

basketball team of 1967-68 of which I was a member, and the influence

Coach Charles Richard had on his athletes, students and the college

itself. You will take a walk down memory lane as you read about what

it was like at St. Bernard College in the late Sixties.


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