Blueprints of Sir Michael

London, England, welcomes a thirteen-Grammy winner and the “King of Pop.” Michael Joseph Jackson chooses the 02 Arena for fifty performances in July 2009, with ticket sales reaching 1.5 million dollars within a few weeks. Worldwide fans are waiting to get a glimpse of this talented and sometimes controversial singer, dancer, producer, and actor. Jackson, often called the most powerful performer in the universe, secures music brilliance through the sales of 104 million copies of Thriller. How did he create a style allowing the world to see him, thus generating over a billion dollars for the recording industry? He is shy, but can be demanding at times. He is accepting and warm. He is candid in interviews, perhaps too frank. He believes in sharing, yet relationships have been a challenge for him. The question remains: who is this native of Gary, Indiana—this African American male, rich with talents?


J. Moffett Walker believes you and others want to know about Michael the individual and how he moonwalked all the way to the top. Blueprints of Sir Michael, a resourceful yet creative book, provides new information about this world superstar.

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