Meeting Your Match

Cracking the code to successful relationships
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  • Published: August 2007
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  • ISBN: 9781452060446

This whole book is a letter from me to you.  It's what I've learned from clients, friends and my own life.  You’ll find lots of stories and case studies.  Some of them will be familiar; others will be vastly different.  They will all add something to your knowledge of what makes a relationship work well.


Living your best life and love life is all about taking responsibility, acting on your own behalf and being the architect of your life; and has little or nothing to do with your past, luck or destiny.


Dating is a process with a beginning, a middle and an end.  This book was written to help all of you who feel that "dating" is difficult, or who have had enough uncomfortable experiences to be hesitant.  It was also written to help those who are searching for your life partner and keep meeting people who just don’t "make the grade."


Have you ever received reliable information or education on committed relationships?  This book is for anyone who wants to improve relationships whether you are single, divorced, widowed; heterosexual, gay or lesbian; young or old.  There are a wide variety of partnerships; each is a legitimate, healthy expression of human intimacy.  It’s about having the relationship you deserve and ultimately you will be guided by your own needs, background experience and current skill levels in each area you’ll explore.


When dating isn't fun, you may question whether a relationship is right for you.  The skills and approaches you’ll discover on this journey toward a lasting relationship will help you to have fun dating and to continue to have a rich and rewarding relationship with someone who is right for you.


Find out how to enjoy the journey in search of your ideal match!

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