Energy - the Essence of Environmental Health

Are you healthy or just symptom-free?  Stress Stress Stress!!!  Chaos!  Will it ever end in our overloaded environment of noise, radiation, time warp, terrorism, destruction, and more?  Are YOU under stress?  How do you know?

Boy!  Will you be surprised!  Find answers to these and other medical mysteries in this humorous, engaging, easy-to-follow Energy - the Essence of Environmental Health.

Did you receive a “clean bill of health” from your doctor?  Were you told that there was nothing wrong?  Or that your symptoms were from anxiety and depression, and you needed a medication?  Is it really “in your mind?”  Or is it in your body?

The answers are NOT found in MEDICAL BOOKS.  That’s why you need to read Energy - The Essence of Environmental Health.  This book accepts you as the unique individual that you are.  Learn how to devise your own health program, as unique as your DNA and your fingerprints.

Here’s a sprinkling of examples that spark your imagination and will guide you along your healing path.

Learn about: the links between medicine and spiritual Energy, and how together they help you heal.

Discover a new way to assess your health with the Accordion Reserve - our model that describes your Energy and your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS.)

You say you never heard of the Autonomic Nervous System?  It’s about time you listen to your body!  Hear and feel erratic vibrational rhythms as your heart thumps a syncopated beat, as you get scared out of your wits, become anxious and depressed, gasp for air, or rush to avoid the embarrassment of untimely Calls of Nature.  Ah!  You remember now!  That’s your ANS chattering!

Secret mastermind behind subtle and often unexplained symptoms, your ANS must be assessed, balanced and restored as the silent guardian of your health.

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