TOURISM: The Engine of Prosperity

  • Published: September 2004
  • Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 188
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781418485511

The tourism industry did not come into world prominence until the inauguration of transcontinental jet travel. This was introduced in 1958 and gave birth to world tourism as we know it today. Because tourism is a new business, most legislators who approve government budgets do not fully understand it as it cannot be measured in material terms as can be done with industries such as oil, steel and cargo. This has resulted in shoestring budgets for departments of tourism.


The invisible export, tourism, quickly grew to become the world’s largest industry creating jobs, and facilitating exports worldwide. High international tourism arrivals have become synonymous with prosperity.


However, due to its invisible nature, tourism has escaped the eyes of most legislators throughout the world. Those few countries that have recognized the importance of tourism and budget accordingly, have reaped the benefit to fuel their economy. This opportunity is available for any destination and the rewards are limitless.


This book was written to place the world spotlight upon tourism and to become a manual for any destination wishing to grow their economy. An increase in international arrivals is the shortest route to prosperity.


The content of this book begins with a look at world conditions for tourism following 9/11 and discusses tourism versus terrorism. From there we stress the importance of a healthy tourism budget with emphasis on exactly what world leaders need to know to understand the importance of funding the growth of the international visitor count.


To reach the lucrative U.S. travel market one must understand how their travel industry is structured. Our book describes this and how travel packages are created and marketed within there.


In order to attain sustained tourism your destination must be tourist friendly. What a tourist friendly destination should look like is explained fully, together with many suggestions to build repeat visitors.


We have filled many chapters in the field of marketing tourism. Insights are provided for the use of icons and marquee names to promote your destination plus a complete chapter with general marketing ideas to dramatically increase your arrivals. Another chapter is dedicated to methods on the proper utilization of the Internet with information on optimizing search engines to access your web site.


The chapter on maximizing results from your attendance at travel industry trade shows will show you how to build relationships which will produce rich rewards. Trade shows are not a vacation but a hands on marketing experience.  Methods of further increasing your international arrivals are found in our chapter on recognizing and marketing niche groups.

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