Mirror Images

Is this a genetic link to spirit?/ Aubrey Nye explores the look-alike phenomena
  • Published: September 2004
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 220
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781418425548

  • You walk into a room and there in front of you is not a ghost, but the actual person that you know is dead.
  • You have just talked to a friend in another country and suddenly they appear, walking down the street.  You approach them, calling their name, but they do not recognize you.
  • You see your wife sitting at the bar, talking to another man.  You go over to her and she vehemently denies knowing you, showing you her license which is not that of your wife.
  • You are sitting at a bus stop and suddenly see an old friend of yours get off the bus, but they have not aged for 20 years, and when you say their name, they look.
  • The police come knocking at your door to arrest you for a crime you did not commit, and yet there was a witness that will swear it was you.

Mirror Images is about researching the look-alike phenomena that has previously only been known through celebrity look-alikes and the doppelganger.  Aubrey Nye has discovered that  we may really have a double walking around . . . not just similar copies of ourselves. With this experience, some very strange synchronicities are going on that flirt with our definition of the supernatural, and yet they are very, very, real.  It is as if there is a natural cloning method already going on within our DNA.

  • The research of this fascinating, unknown phenomena will take you into many areas of the look-alike. Some of these are:
  • The doppelganger, a forecast of death.
  • The Celebrity look-alike and doubles used for actors and politicians.
  • Is there an unknown coding within our DNA?
  • Innocent people being accused of crimes that their look-alike committed.
  • Finding the “right” model type for you; a new dating technique.
  • Knowing how a person will respond when you first meet them.
  • Experiences that will SHOCK you!

What are we?  Who are we?  More than machine?  More than a random cell evolution over millions of years? The Model Type Theory based on research of the look-alike brings about the awareness of how we can glean knowledge through each other and through our recognition of our own model type.  What can you see in the humans that are all around you if you really pay attention??  You may find yourself actually standing in front of you--what then?  What is there?  Who is there? And, what is to be found within the shell of human flesh? . . . Does this genetic link lead us to spirit??

Researching the look-alike phenomena poses the question that there may be an intent to who we are and the type of body we are housed within and presupposes that there is a method to the madness called Life!

To send pictures and experiences for further research or finding the look-alike type for you, go to:  http://www.personalcommunications.net

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