The Last Days of the Late Great United States

And the Great Famine that Followed
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  • Published: May 2009
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  • Pages: 188
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781438954769

     For thousands of years money was real, usually gold or silver, until the Chinese invented paper money to replace real money. They, however, had such a bad time with it, with so many losing everything, time and time again, that it had been outlawed in China for more than a generation before western bankers thought up the idea and convinced King William in 1694 to replace the gold and silver and copper that Englishmen used with their newly printed paper. Thus began a grand experiment that may soon come to an end.

     The use of paper money, and a debt-based economy (once known as colonialism or imperialism, then capitalism, now called globalization) may soon be grinding down to a halt as nations around the world try to keep up with the United States in their printing of money. Because of derivatives everyone owes everyone else many times more money than the worth of the entire planet. The Kings of this Banker's Kingdom are killing the golden goose of taxpayers who have been supporting their lavish lifestyle for generations. So entitled are these super-rich that they see nothing wrong with goosing the taxpayers of the world for whatever they want. The United States and indeed the nations of the world exist for their benefit. If you understand this then so much of what goes on in the world becomes understandable, but even they are going to grievously suffer in the near future. Everyone is going to be affected! 

     The Book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible, refers to what I believe will be a banking world dictatorship which will require all citizens of earth to carry the world leader's mark (micro-chip or micro-computer) in their right hands or forehead in order to buy or sell anything. It specifically says that this will be required of even a king which in today's parlance would also include prime ministers and presidents. Also Interesting is the mention that this mostly One-World Government will be controlled from Babylon (Iraq). Much will have to happen to bring all this about but events happening right now seem to be leading in that direction. Unfortunately fewer and fewer people seem to believe the truths of the Bible or to heed it's warnings. Even with the discovery in the late 20th Century of an actual code hidden within the ancient Hebrew text and accessible only by computer, a code which seems to contain much of the future existence on this planet, scoffers still tend to look on the Bible as merely history or worse yet, myth. We truly live in interesting times and they are going to get incredibly more interesting very soon.

     We have already passed the tipping point but only a few see it. Even with the advice in this book your life is going to be greatly different in less than a decade, perhaps by next year. Ignore this book entirely and there is a much higher probability that you will be one of the victims of The Last Days of The Late Great United States


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