Reflexions: Soul Stirrings

A Poignant Book of Affirmations
  • Published: August 2007
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 8.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781434312129


Reflexions – Soul Stirrings is a powerful book of affirmations, positive and heart-warming writings which seeks to uplift, heal, inspire and empower.


It is a book for women the world over which aims to capture the very essence and uniqueness of humanity, embracing at our very core who we are as wonderful, spirited individuals.


The affirmations are a kaleidoscope of emotive, soul-searching and personal dialogue, affirming our greatness, our strengths even celebrating our weaknesses because this recognizes that even though we are STRENGTH we are also still infallible, a very potent human quality.


Yet one of the greatest free gifts we have other than love is the spirit of forgiveness, a privilege many people unfortunately, never personally allow themselves to experience and offer to others.


Reflexions – Soul Stirrings is your treasure trove to dip into when the stormy seas rage further still, to dip into when society and life decide to take you on a cataclysmic journey, without purpose or direction, just caught up with the tide.


The wonderful illustrations also serve to further compound and compel the worthiness of this book as your own personal treasure trove.  Images which are strong and full of passion and life, whose hidden depth and meaning, spill out onto the pages of this book, capturing the roots of a people so firmly that you can only be caught up in the myriad of colors and by the visible dimensions of each drawing, to further enhance your mood and the poignancy of the affirmations are made more real and tangible.


I do hope you enjoy this book to find whatever your soul desires within the comfort of the following pages.

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Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
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