The Major Hurricanes To Affect The Bahamas

Personal Recollections of Some of the Greatest Storms to Affect the Bahamas
  • Published: November 2006
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 268
  • Size: 8.5x11
  • ISBN: 9781425966089

The Major Hurricanes to Affect The Bahamas-Personal recollections of some of the Greatest storms to affect the Bahamas-highlights historical Hurricanes that have impacted the Bahamas and because of last year’s record breaking Hurricane season and the record breaking damages that these hurricanes have inflicted to us here in The Bahamas and the region as a whole it is a very timely book. Through vivid pictures of actual damages from these storms of the past and present day, it shows the damages that these storms have inflicted on the country of The Bahamas and the need to be prepared for these storms. This book highlights all of the major hurricanes to affect The Bahamas from 1500 to present day Hurricanes like Andrew, Wilma, Frances and Jeanne and even Katrina. It further states the damages that all of these individual hurricanes inflicted to The Bahamas on an Island by Island basis. What is also included in the book, are actual amazing pictures of all of the major hurricane damages from most of these storms including the Hurricanes of 1886, 1926, 1929, Betsy, Donna, David, Andrew, Floyd, Michelle, Frances, Jeanne and Wilma. Also included in this book is an introspective look at Hurricanes-how they are formed? What makes them work, the anatomy of a hurricane, the origins of a hurricane and where the name hurricane originated and what the future hold for Hurricanes by experts in the Field of Meteorology here in the Bahamas, The Caribbean and the United States, Like Professor William Gray, Max Mayfield(Director of The National Hurricane Center in Miami) Kathy Caesar(Tropical Meteorologist Lecturer at The Caribbean Meteorological Institute)and Michael Stubbs(Chief Climatologists at The Department of Meteorology here in Nassau) and others who all have highlighted the need to be prepared for these storms and the damages that these storms are capable of inflicting on coastal communities. Also included is the track of each of the major storms that moved through The Bahamas. Finally, also included are amazing and heart-rending personal recollections and experiences of most of the major hurricanes to affect the Bahamas. Included in these recollections are, Crystal Pintard who explained how she lost her baby in Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Sir Orville Turnquest on his experiences with hurricanes and touring respective islands and being amazed by the damages that Hurricane Andrew had inflicted to these islands just after they had won the election. Also included are residents who lived though the Hurricane of 1926 like, Mr. Conrad Knowles on how the hurricane destroyed his father’s home in Long Island and Mrs. Viola Collie told how she lost two of her sisters to this deadly storm living on the island of Acklins. Mrs. Francita Rolle who recalls on how her fisherman father Prince Rolle was saved from sure death when he was caught at sea in the Hurricane of 1929 and was rescued by a dog called ‘Speak your Mind’ who swam him into land on his back and then caught a crab for him to eat when they got into the land. There is also an account from the present Governor General of the Bahamas Hon A.D. Hanna and his experiences with hurricanes growing up on the island and living in Nassau. Also included are recollections from the former Governor General Sir Clifford Darling who when the Hurricane of 1926 blew the roof of their house in Acklins, his brother took a hand saw and cut a hole in the roof to live in that roof for about two weeks after the storm had passed. Also included are numerous accounts of persons who lived through many of these storms and survived to give me their personal accounts. A must read account is by Terrance Keogh who experienced a powerful hurricane in 1932 on the island of Abaco in The Bahamas.

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