The Philosophers Stone Of Expedition Leadership

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  • Published: November 2006
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  • ISBN: 9781425954734

The interest in and inspiration for this book was derived from the author's background experience and knowledge of adventure expeditions. This valuable experience can be detected within the text of this work but its' attractiveness is derived from the observation of other experienced members of expedition teams around the world. The challenge of adventure expeditions are part of the reason why expedition leaders and team members choose to face unfamiliar situations such as difficult weather or terrain, changes in travel plans or using new equipment and adventurous pursuit in a strange or unknown place. The problems to be faced can of course never be fully predicted. The challenge of this uncertainty is one of the reasons why people become involved in expeditions but it is also the source of conflict and danger. It is the management of these diverse and changing factors that are the concern of the leader, a complex and dynamic process.

It can be implied that adventurous expeditions are demanding experiences full of opportunities and potential problems. This later proposition can be justified as a result of previous bad practice and unsavoury incidents within the sphere of outdoor adventure. The indications are that expedition leaders need to share good practice and should possess the required leadership qualities. They need to consider developing suitable guidelines that could give an outline of the roles and responsibilities of an expedition leader. There appears to be a need to identify the desired qualities of expedition leaders in order to develop the essential professional training programmes and safe expeditions that use good practice.

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