A Flight Home

  • Published: September 2006
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 212
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781425942533






Casper Watkins was an internationally famous author. His political thriller A Flame in the Sky had topped the best seller lists all over the world and won him critical acclaim. Then  for no apparent reason he disappears.

            Jenny Millington had recently started work in the fiction department of his London publishers, Knott and Pearson. Under pressure to improve the departments sales figures her inquisitive nature leads her into the trail of intrigue and innuendo that surrounds Caspers life.

            Trying to establish a reason for his disappearance she  arranges to meet his agent, Henson Littlewood, a known homosexual who dabbles in drugs. Before she can find out much he is murdered. In North Wales, Jenny discovers Casper has an illegitimate brother, Trevor, who only his mother knows about. Caroline Di Angello, one of Caspers ex girl friends, is a page three pin up actress, who found fame in a soap. Together they were going to make a film of Flame in the Sky. He was said to be putting up some of the money, then he disappeared.

A chance encounter brings Jenny Millington into Casper’s life. His new book is a novel of love and passion, based on the stories of the Mabinogion; a collection of eleventh century Welsh tales of romance and drama. When he realises his heroine in the story is Jenny Millington, he has to make her his muse.

Meanwhile, Anthony Rathenberg, tall, handsome, wealthy, Managing Director of Knott and Pearson takes a fancy to Jenny. A weekend at his Sussex mansion clouds many  issues.

Somehow, Jenny and Casper combine to put together the pieces of improbity that led to the death of his dear friend and agent Henson Littlewood.

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