Healthy Religion

A Psychological Guide To A Mature Faith
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  • Published: July 2006
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  • Pages: 292
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  • ISBN: 9781425924164

Dr. Jacob Bronowski, in his book and PBS documentary series entitled “The Ascent of Man” spoke of unhealthy religion when he stood before the ashes of his relatives at the Auschwitz crematorium. He said, “This is how men behave when they believe they have absolute knowledge.”


People seek simple answers and absolute knowledge, but anyone or any religion that claims absolute knowledge or absolute and infallible religious sources and tells people what to think, is a clear carrier and manifestation of unhealthy religion. Is “Healthy Religion” an oxymoron or is it achievable in one’s life?


This research-based document provides you with the means for identifying what is healthy and what is unhealthy in religion. You may be surprised to discover that what you believe and the manner in which you practice your religion may be more a function of your personality than of your religion in the way in which your personality attaches itself and expresses itself in your religion.


Literal, dogmatic religious postures of fundamental and evangelical groups are manifestations of close-minded authoritarianism. They also reflect militant, and extremist dictates for one to follow. The manipulation and mind-control methods of fear, guilt, and shame, used with people to secure membership and provide group consensus in belief, violate the very essence of religion and the basic foundations of what is “Healthy Religion”.


Certain attributes of healthy personality produce healthy religion, and healthy religion promotes healthy personality. You will uncover the ingredients and characteristics of both in this book!

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