Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Andrea Perron:
Light from Darkness

How would you feel if you got to watch your life unfold on the movie screen and have yourself portrayed by a Hollywood celebrity? Andrea Perron has the rare opportunity of watching her story played in thousands of cinemas across the globe.

This month, New Line Cinema releases the horror movie The Conjuring, which is inspired by the events narrated in Perron’s AuthorHouse-published book House of Darkness, House of Light. Perron and her family endured the supernatural events on which the film is based when they moved into the Arnold Estate in Rhode Island. She has already published the first two books of a planned trilogy about her story, and the third is on the way. The film, which is currently at the top of the box office charts, is helmed by horror veteran James Wan and billed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

Andrea Perron was born in Rhode Island in 1958. She is a graduate of Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, having earned an inter-disciplinary degree in philosophy and English literature. This memoir waited thirty years to be told, allowing the time and distance necessary for her family to reveal these long-held secrets.

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