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Justice or Just Us?

In my first semester of college I wrote a short poem for a homework assignment. My English professor Dr. Jeff Koloze, asked If I had ever considered publishing any of it. I had written poetry in the past and the only person I ever let read it is my...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $14.95


The Road You've Traveled

How to Journal Your Life

The Road You’ve Traveled is a valuable how-to which assists people in recording their life. Each chapter contains tips, ideas, and a tank of mental gasoline to help you recall lost m...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $15.95


Recetas para Bebés y Niños

Cocina Orgánica y Vegana

Este libro tiene como meta inspirar a todo padre y familia a vivir una vida orgánica y/o vegana desde el nacimiento. Para empezar, siempre hay dudas y faltan ideas por lo que estas recetas fáciles y practicas te ayudaran a saber que preparar dependie...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $3.99


The Power of Prayer

The Hidden Power to Listening to God

I have been very blessed in my life and in my family, and it has been my life’s work to help others to feel that way too. In April 2014, I decided to reach out to a wider community by writing an Internet blog so that I could share my thoughts and fee...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $10.99


The Testimony Of A Lost Soul

The Testimony Of A Lost Soul is a collection of poems which reflect my life. A life that has been a long road. It's a collection of a broken, painful past, and the bad choices I have made along the way. Yet, I have found a quasi peace as time goes by...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $16.95


Last of the Boom Ships

Fourteen men and one woman relate their experiences as Deck Officers on U.S. flag merchant ships -cargo ships in regular service, tramps, tankers, and the fastest passenger ship ever built, the SS Unite...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $9.95


Hechizo de Luz

Descubra el ilimitado poder de la imaginación, viaje a través del tiempo y del espacio entre dos realidades distintas; una convencional y predecible, la otra enigmática e irreverente hacia las ...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $7.95


Forever Fairy

Sixteen-year-old Louisa Softly is not used to anything exciting happening to her or in the fragrant land of Roseberry. Still, she cannot shake the feeling she is being watched. But with an official unicorn naming party to plan, Louisa shrugs off her ...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $3.99


Sound Advice

Voiceover from an Audio Engineer's Perspective

I've written this book to give you a sound engineer's perspective on your career as a voiceover talent.

In this book I've tried to provide you with basic information about audio ...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $3.99


The Laputan Factor

TOP SECRET – “PERSEUS” (EYES ONLY) PERSONNEL: O’Connell, Night. Profile: Programming genius, project head – revolutionary VR technology. Location: Vacation resort, downtime reward for exceptional work. Status: Recovering from brief hospital stay. P...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $3.99


The Alchemist's Children

Revolution of a Species

Man's new tools for the manipulation of genetic codes are pushing us in new directions. The story of two families unfolds as a new human species of infinite variety and strengths is born into the mid twenty-first centur...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $17.00


Weight-Loss Apocalypse

Emotional Eating Rehab Through the HCG Protocol

This book was written to start a new conversation about how Dr. Simeons' protocol has relevance, not only as a hormonal therapy, but as a means to end our national eating disorder. Instead of continuing to apply the protocol as a short-term diet, it ...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $14.99


Follow Your Star

From Mining to Heart Transplants - A Surgeon's Story

The central part of this story is a fascinating account of the trials and tribulations associated with the author’s determination to establish a heart transplant programme in Britain. He eventually performed Britain’s first successful heart transp...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $19.58


The Sibirsky Extreme Project

Going Where no Bike Had Been Before: Into the Ultimate Depths of Siberia

The Sibirsky (Siberian) Extreme Project was a 2009 motorcycle adventure project by motorcycle adventurer Walter Colebatch to attempt to go into the ultimate depths of Siberia. The project aimed to push the boundaries of what is known and what is poss...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)

Our Price: $114.27


Thinking Globally Acting Locally

A Personal Journey

This unusual book is more than just the memoir of a distinguished career. It is a history of the twentieth century reflected in the life and work of one individual.
It begins in 1938 with a year in the life of an eight year old Viennese Jewi...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $20.49

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